Thursday, July 10, 2008

Teacher the maker of a better citizen

Character formation and personality development are the most importent parts or functions of education. According to lincon teacher should teach us that all men are not bad characters. although there are scoundrels, selfish politicians and enimies, there are heroes, dedicated leaders and friends too in this world. The teacher should teach to be clam and quiet and happy and to discover the plleasure of reading, which also gives us wonderful knowledge.Teach to love nature , the birds, the bees and the flowers, and to ponder over all these and the mystery of the univers.Teach to listen to all and people but accept only the good. Teach to avoid too much sweetness while scoffing at the cynicsTeacher should develop human values like truthfulness, love, kindness and generosity in students. The teacher try his best to train students.Most students respect, imitate, and emulate their teachers so the teachers influence their students and society as whole.So the teachers play an importent role in training the charactor of the students and developing their personality.A teacher should be a friend philosopher and a guid to his people. As the Kothari Commission rightly observed " the future of our country is shaped in our classrooms."The teacher try to make his life as a message like as Gandhiji.

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